Candice enabled me, the mother of the bride, to relax and enjoy my daughter’s wedding day! Candice is organized, professional, experienced & unflappable! She coordinated the last two months of our planning and added her signature special touch to make it a wedding that reflected the wishes of the bride and groom. Attuned to body language, she calmed last minute nerves of several on the wedding day and somehow managed to get two year old twin flower girls to walk down the aisle in perfect unison. As inevitable challenges arose, she handled each situation in a calm manner. I cannot say enough about this lady! Before hiring her, I wondered if it would be worth the money, however, she became the best value of all the money spent. She had great advice on which items to spend money on and which were not important; she also provided a wealth of information & vendors. There was not one question she could not answer! Look no further for a wedding planner!

– Lois Givens (Mother of the Bride)

My husband and I live in Los Angeles but chose to have our wedding in Atlanta. As you can imagine, planning a wedding from across the country was proving to be incredibly difficult. That’s when we made the decision to use a wedding planner — and it was without a doubt the best decision we could’ve made. We read tons of reviews and narrowed it down to three planners. From our very first call I knew Candice was the one. She had tons of great input on everything from budgets and food to decor and wedding favors. She is incredibly organized and has great relationships with tons of vendors around town (meaning she can save you $$$ when no one else can!) Every bride hopes that her special day goes off without a hitch, but some things just can’t be planned. These are the moments when experience, level-headedness, creativity and professionalism are most important. Candice demonstrated each of these qualities from the beginning to the end. When someone is as talented as Candice, they’re sure to be in high-demand, but the best illustration of the quality of her services came down to this — no matter how busy she was, she always made us feel like we were #1.

– Brianna McElroy (Bride)

Candice was a life saver! Not only did she work within our budget, but she went above and beyond to make sure the wedding day went as smooth as it could. My matron of honor had a zipper-fiasco right before the bridal party was supposed to walk out, and she could not get her zipper up, and Candice calmly started working on it and got it zipped! Its these kind of things that makes having a wedding planner like her there TOTALLY worth its weight in gold. She is a rockstar and you will be more than taken care of. She knows her stuff and is quick to respond. I planned my wedding in Atlanta from Los Angeles where I live, and she was able to get right back to me via email and worked well with the time-difference. 5 stars from this bride!!!!

– Gracie Zane Jolly (Bride)

Having Candice as my day of planner was the best gift I had for the wedding. She became involved approximately 2-3 months before the wedding and took off soaring! Candice is the perfect mix of type A get things done and fun personality. She at no point became over bearing but just handled things without me asking or even thinking of something to take care of. For my wedding in particular, the venue was a blank canvas, and I had to get a vendor for everything. She had blue prints for all of them, kept in contact with all vendors on a regular basis and organized them all perfectly. Both parents of the wedding party just fell in love with Candice. She made everyone feel so important, appreciated, and taken care of. Candice and her team are kind, efficient, and a joy to work with.

– Hagar Badawy (Bride)

Candice was a true blessing to work with! She exceeded all of our expectations. She was always there no matter the time or place. For me, planning my wedding became overwhelming at times dealing with future in laws and all of the little details, being the planner that I am but Candice was with me every step of the way and it was wonderful. Through the whole wedding she was always by my side. My feet where killing me and she went all the way to the room I got ready in and grabbed me some flip flops. It’s the little things that count. Candice helped me find our amazing vendors! I would highly recommend Candice and her team to anyone! Once Candice is in your life she is always in your life and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way! Thank you Candice for everything! Stuart and I were so happy with everything you did for us! You made our day more than we ever imagined!

-Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Pease

I met Candice at a bridal show in Atlanta and can’t even imagine what my wedding would have been like if it weren’t for her. Candice is extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind, and patient. She is a true expert in the industry. From the very beginning she recommended excellent vendors and helped make my cross-country wedding planning less stressful. I am a terrible procrastinator and Candice gave me the extra (courteous) push to keep the planning moving. She has the answer for any question/concern that you throw at her – and for those that you never saw coming. She even came over to my parents house to pick up a car full of goody bags, sparklers, etc. a few days before the wedding to drop off at our venue so that my mom wouldn’t have to. Now that all of the wedding planning is over, I’m grateful that I listened to everyone who said that having a wedding planner is essential and ends up saving you money and a whole lot of stress in the long run. Candice is the best woman for the job!

–Kaley Foley (Bride)

Candice is so amazing at what she does! She allowed my day to run so smoothly and my mom and I were so at ease knowing she had everything under control! She was flexible in meeting with us prior to the wedding to discuss details! She was on top of everything we needed to think about prior to so that she knew how we wanted our wedding day to go! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful planner to do all the behind the scenes stuff the day of your wedding so you can have a memorable day!

–Beth Potts (Bride)

Candice Gurr was a pleasure to work with. She was very flexible and understanding of my schedule. She also recommended vendors I could work with based on her experience. She was very punctual and reminded me of things that had to get done well in advance. She handled all of the wedding day and vendor logistics so I could enjoy my day with family and friends. Candice is very personable and professional and her experience is an added bonus. I highly recommend her wedding planning services if you want a well-planned stress free event!

–Savi Anderson (Bride)

We had twelve weeks to plan my daughter’s wedding. After two weeks of attempting to plan things ourselves, we contacted Candice. Her easy going demeanor put us at ease immediately. I loved that her focus was on my daughter’s needs. Candice gave my daughter suggestions for the remaining vendors that were needed. She also did a wonderful job at our venue’s walk through, suggesting the placement of various tables. My daughter had been concerned with the tables being too crowded. Candice’s recommendation for the table arrangement allowed for ample room. The day of the ceremony was absolutely perfect due to Candice’s organizational skills. She contacted all of the vendors in advance so there were no problems with anyone arriving late. Both our wedding ceremony and reception ran extremely smooth. Her calming attitude transferred over to the entire bridal party. Many of our guests later remarked how well everything was run. I would recommend Signature Weddings By Candice to anyone considering Candice as their wedding coordinator.

–Lauren Simmonds (Mother of the Bride)

We are still basking in the memory of the beautiful, flawless, and stress free wedding of our daughter Melissa, thanks to Candice Gurr of Signature Weddings by Candice. From my daughter’s February engagement and decision to have a fall wedding in Atlanta to the research I did right away, I knew that wedding design and production in Atlanta was anything but simple. When I asked the coordinator at our chosen location for the ceremony and reception if she would recommend a planner who would work equally well with the client and the venue, Candice’s name was front and center. After meeting Candice, Melissa and I knew we had the perfect fit—someone who listened first and then suggested, someone who had both artistic savvy and common sense. Candice’s insight into my daughter’s unique style and preferences was uncanny, and she guided us to the vendors who each delivered their part of Melissa’s vision within my budget! Candice’s communication style is engaging, professional, pleasant, prompt, and specific—all reassuring traits when you’re treading the deep waters of event planning. She unfolded the process for our decisions and actions logically and smoothly. From the beginning, I knew that working with Candice would allow me the flexibility of choosing where to be hands-on and where to give the job to Candice to complete. Quickly responsive to all emails and questions, she suggested solutions to various issues and gave unerring advice. I am grateful for her guidance in creating the wedding that my daughter and son-in-law envisioned, with a number of wonderful and surprising suggestions included. Perhaps Candice’s best recommendation comes from my husband: “She took the stress off my wife and produced the perfect wedding for my daughter. She was worth every penny!”

-Amy Dean (Mother of the Bride)

If you are thinking about whether or not to hire a wedding coordinator.. DO IT! But only if it is Candice!
We cannot thank Candice enough for all of the hard work and dedication that created the wedding of our dreams! She was there for us any time we needed her (even on late Friday nights!) and not only did she make the day go off without a hitch, but made the planning process do-able and enjoyable. She was so helpful with questions, ideas, holding our hands, communicating with vendors and organizing everything! Throughout the year-long planning process we could not stop raving about what a great job Candice was doing and the amazing vendors that we met through her. It is a little over two months past our wedding and Candice is still following up with us. She truly is all about making the Bride and Groom happy! We could not have done it without her and we would highly recommend Candice to anyone and everyone she truly went above and beyond what we expected.

-Ashley & Charles Daby
Atlanta, GA

Candice is amazing! She is extremely organized and keeps you on your toes with reminders about what needs to be done and when. If we ever had a question, we would just call, email or text Candice and she was quick to respond. She also set up meetings with our vendors and attended them to make sure nothing was left out of the planning. On the day of the wedding, Candice coordinated all deliveries/set up and everything behind the scenes. She was always on top of everything! Needless to say, Candice is extremely easy to work with and a very talented wedding planner!
-Eleni  Morris
Atlanta, GA

Candice is fabulous! We could not have done it without her. She helped us plan EVERYTHING! She was such a lifesaver. She gave us great advice, pointed us in the right direction and was always there to help. We are very busy professionals with not a lot of time and our wedding went perfectly because of her. I would recommend her to the busiest and most detailed of brides. She is awesome!

-Szana Marr
Atlanta, GA

As we marvel at how successful our daughter’s beautiful wedding turned out, we cannot help but think of the best decision we had made, which was to hire a wedding planner/coordinator named Candice Gurr of Signature Weddings by Candice. At first, we were arranging everything ourselves until reality set in. We were becoming increasingly overwhelmed and frazzled with all the work and endless details. And then, Candice stepped in for us. Magically, she instantly lifted the weight off our shoulders. Her soothing and calming voice coupled with her immediate understanding of our needs and wishes were a welcome relief. From thereon, we were continuously amazed by her professionalism, attention to details, skill at coordinating with vendors, and keeping us updated so that everyone was on the same page. Finally, on the evening of the rehearsal and the wedding day, Candice’s presence and guidance made everything flow very smoothly. The entire event was a huge success! We received many complimentary remarks, including wonderful comments from our former neighbor and meteorologist with WSB TV, Karen Minton. We would recommend Candice in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a wedding planner/coordinator!

-Suzanne and Victor Higgins
Marietta, GA

Candice is great! She is extremely organized and knows just what to do and when to do it! She was the glue that put my wedding day together. Everything on my wedding day went smoothly and I owe that to Candice! I would definitely recommend her to a friend looking for an organized, professional, and extremely nice person to coordinate their special day!

-Olivia Tereniak
Lawrenceville, GA

Candice is absolutely amazing!! I had no worries all day as she took care of everything and every detail. I would HIGHLY recommend her to any bride!!

-Amanda S. Fendley
Atlanta, GA

Thank you, thank you!!  We both had such an amazing day and wish we were doing it again this weekend!  Both of us were thoroughly surprised by how unstressed we were and how awesome the party was.  Thank you so much for your help with everything.  We know it was a lot of moving pieces and we couldn’t have gotten them all together without you!

-Bevin and Tristan Wallace
New York, NY

Candice is an awesome planner!  She is very detail oriented and organized.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without her.  This is her passion and not just a job and her work shows it hands down.  I would recommend her to anyone who is getting married.  My day was perfect!!!

-Chandra Prather
Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for making Debbie’s day run so smoothly.  We spent about two hours on the phone yesterday going over every little detail, and one of the things we both agreed on was that you were a huge, important, and indispensable asset.  At first Debbie didn’t think she would need someone to help coordinate and keep things on track, but it was apparent throughout the night that you were “Johnny-on-the-Spot” and worth your weight in gold.  Plus, you really helped keep Debbie calm and focused!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Gail deLeede
Maid of Honor

Hi Candice!

Thank you again for making my job super easy yesterday at Debbie’s wedding.  You are on the ball and just lovely to work with.  I like to surround myself with people who do an amazing job!

Warmest Wishes,

-Monique Escudie
Blossoms Atlanta


It was such a pleasure working with you last weekend.  I appreciate how attentive you were throughout the weeks before and on the day of.  I am glad to have met you and hope we are able to work together more often in the future!


-Katie Wilson Loyd
Boukates Fresh Floral Design

Hi Brides, Candice of Signature Weddings by Candice recently did my wedding and I could not be happier! Candice is very talented at managing time, details and making it all seem effortless. My guests commented on well she managed the flow of our wedding without anyone feeling rushed. She has the personality to meet people and make friends quickly so she meshed into the event seamlessly. I would highly recommend Candice for any venue or wedding large or small. Thanks!!

-Debbie Schwartz
Atlanta, GA

Candice was our event planner and was amazing from start to finish. Every time I was worried or stressed about anything, she always advised me not to worry and she would take care of everything, and that she did! She was very patient with me and all of my changes, especially near the end. I love the fact that she reminded me of the “little things” that needed to get finished, things that we so easily forget. She attended vendor meetings with me, which put me at ease, because I didn’t always know what questions to ask, or how to answer their questions. Another big thing for me was that she thoroughly went over my contracts, and saved me a lot of money and also saved me from a bad vendor by looking over his contract. She was always there when I needed her, and quickly responded to emails. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her. With her organization and expertise, she made our vision of our dream wedding come to life. I would highly recommend Candice for you special day, she is the best of the best!

-Kendra Negron
Canton, GA

Candice was amazing! We were all so glad that we hired her to coordinate our wedding. She was very patient (with me especially) and with the family and wedding party. She was kind and honest which was very important. She made sure during the wedding day that my husband and I knew where we were supposed to be and when. All of the vendors were happy with her communication and coordination of the walk through, arrival times, etc. Overall, I would recommend Candice for your wedding planning/ coordination needs!
I actually have a picture of this – Candice always re-assured me that things were running smoothly. The cost of hiring a wedding planner is an excellent value to ensure the day goes perfectly and you can enjoy your wedding!

-Anna Schneeberger
Atlanta, GA

Candice made sure that every detail was exactly how we had imagined! Candice gave us tips on everything to help save me time, money and possible headaches. She helped me to realize that the small things weren’t for me to worry about and she had taken care of everything. We had some issues with our venue and Candice made herself available to me two weeks before the big day to find us a new venue. She told me not to worry and helped me with the whole process. Candice’s help was priceless. She worked within my budget and was still able to give me the wedding reception of my dreams.

-Natalie Dunlap
Canton, GA

Candice was truly a blessing to us and most definitely to me, the bride. She was there for me from start to finish! I have no clue where I would be or what my wedding might have turned out to be without her! Candice told me to relax and she would take care of everything. She took away all the worries and stress of what planning a wedding entails and not to mention… she dances! LOL I don’t know where I would be without my planner! She’s an excellent planner, great listener and very well organized! She’s all about the needs of her Brides and Grooms! I love you and thank you Candice!

-Miranda Thurman
Lawrenceville, GA

Candice with Signature Weddings by Candice was a blessing! She was always on top of everything, very organized, professional and caring about our wedding planning. My husband and I believe we made the best choice by picking her to plan our special day! And after all our wedding was amazing…the details were perfect!!! If I had to do it all over again, I would still pick her!

-Vanessa Ali
Atlanta, GA

I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect wedding, even with the zipper incident. You captured my vision just like I had imagined it. Most of all, Rick had that “WOW” moment, I so dearly wanted. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Everything looked so beautiful and I think I’ve instilled a love of purple in everyone there.

Thanks again Candice for making our wedding the best ever.

-Carole Fouts
Roswell, GA

Candice was my wedding coordinator, and she was absolutely amazing. I was completely stressed out, working a full time job and trying to plan a wedding for 300 guests at a private location. My MIL found Candice, and she was the answer to all of our prayers! She kept me right on track, and made the whole process fun and stress-free. She reminded me of all the “small things” I wouldn’t have even thought about. My only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner! Candice is very professional and definitely gets the job done, but I felt like I had gained a new friend at the same time. She was a true saving grace to our family, and I will forever sing her praises!

-Ashley Waldroup
Jasper, GA

Candice of Signature Weddings by Candice was wonderful. She did a beautiful and great job for us for our son’s and new daughter’s wedding. I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything. The wedding and reception were wonderful and were coordinated perfectly, nothing went wrong at all! Would definitely recommend her to anyone planning a wedding or a big party, she is great and dedicated to her work.

-Dianna Waldroup, Mother of the Groom
Canton, GA

We were so fortunate to find Candice Gurr of Signature Weddings by Candice. From the moment we signed the contract to the closing of the reception, she provided excellent advice and support. Her knowledge of the wedding process and her attention to details greatly reduced our stress in planning such a big event. And the ceremony and reception were beautiful!

-Carol Carver, Mother of the Bride
Cartersville, GA

As the mother of the bride, I was afraid that because of all the last minute details, set up times, and final coordination of meeting with vendors I would not be able to enjoy the day of the wedding with my only daughter. Candice and Joy took over the last details of set up, meeting with vendors, and plus the flow of the evening that I was able to not only enjoy the day of the wedding but the week before the wedding. It was a tremendous burden that was lifted and that she took on.

Although we made all of the plans, Candice was instrumental in orchestrating all of our vendors to make sure that our vision was intact and fulfilled to our expectations. She also provided valuable foresight that only her experience could of prepared us for – this included checklists, last minute changes and emergencies that sprang up, and most importantly – she took care of the bride, the groom, and the whole wedding party so that everything ran smoothly and we were able to enjoy the special, once in a lifetime day.

The ability to let go of all the little details into such experienced hands relieved both the bride and myself to just bask in the excitement of the upcoming nuptials. I was utterly amazed at how relaxed we both were. In fact there are pictures of my daughter, the bride, just chilling out in a chair waiting to walk down the aisle – I actually think that her calmness helped her 8 bridesmaids and father be calm! This would not have happened if I had to spend most of that day and the week before the wedding doing all the running around and details that Candice and Joy took over.

I would (and am) highly recommend Candice and Signature Weddings by Candice to anyone in the Atlanta area looking for a wedding planner. Candice wants to see the bride’s wedding vision fulfilled right down to the smallest detail. She is so easy to work with and her personality is so warm and inviting- she truly puts you at ease. We used Candice as “the day of planner” but she did much more than we bargained for before the wedding day. She came with us on those last meetings with the vendors and helped us with the “flow” of events and making those final last minute decisions that you had not even thought of – and believe me, we thought of everything (or at least we thought so until Candice opened our eyes). So even if you are planning a DIY wedding, that last week and day of should be yours to enjoy so hire Candice to help you finish your plans – what a lifesaver!

-Kim Thompson, Mother of the Bride
Canton, GA

Candice was wonderful and a great help for our reception. She took all the stress away from us and handled everything without any complaints or negativity. She was friendly and helpful, and without her I do not think our reception would have turned out nearly as beautiful or fun. Thank you Candice for EVERYTHING!

-Michelle Hodges
Savannah, GA

A pleasure to work with and took so much strain off of me! Stood up to my family and his for our best interest and worked so hard to give us the perfect, stress-free day! Thanks!

-Miranda Haley
White, GA

Candice is amazing. She is organized, creative, and sympathetic. I have already recommended her to several friends.

-Misty Head
Lawrenceville, GA

Working with Candice made planning my wedding in only 4 weeks unbelievably easy! Her attention to detail is wonderful and I will always use her services for any other “special” occasions that I might have. I highly recommend her!

-Lori Gregg
Destin, FL


When my husband and I first started to plan our wedding we were practically doing it on our own. We were really stressed out and didn’t know where to go next. We finally decided that it was too much for us to handle, and that is when we found Candice. She was very quick to contact us and set up a meeting. After the first meeting with her we instantly felt relieved. Candice pieced our whole wedding together within a months time. Candice called all of the vendors and scheduled all of our meetings and handled everything for us. She made sure that everything was done the way that we wanted, not the way anybody else wanted it. She coordinated everything, and was at all of the appointments with us. She was right on top of everything. I never doubted for a second that we were going to have the wedding as we envisioned it. She was very professional and very accommodating. When you are planning your wedding it is nice to have a great wedding planner so that you can enjoy it. By the end of this experience we not only had a wedding planner, but had also made a great friend. My husband and I loved Candice Gurr and could not have asked for a better wedding planner. I give her my highest recommendation! Thank you Candice.

-Cassandra Reynolds
Douglasville, GA

Candice Gurr of Signature Weddings by Candice was the nicest, most professional, calming person I have had the pleasure to work with. Candice took care of the wedding rehearsal dinner for my husband and me. She was always available by phone or e-mail to talk with if I had a question or concern. Candice tried very hard to keep the costs down, researching where vases were that we desired, and where the best flowers could be found. The flowers were beautiful, commented on by everyone who attended. Candice remained at the event until closing, waiting on party goers who might need food or a drink. It was a delight to work with Candice, and if I ever have another big event like this one, without any reservation, I will call on Candice.

-Ellen Jugar
Atlanta, GA