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Wedding Budget Ideas to Help You Save Money

Right after the excitement of the engagement wears off, comes the fear of the wedding cost.  Many brides have been lead to believe they can only save money by doing things themselves (DIY WEDDINGS).  I am here to tell you that is not true!  When you add up the cost of materials and the time you and your bridesmaids put into these tasks (if you can get them to participate) you usually come out the same if not end up spending more.  Hire professionals and stick to your budget guns and you can have a beautiful wedding!

Hiring a wedding planner is an expense many brides have tried to do away with in today's economy.  Did you know that your wedding planner may end up saving you more money than it cost to hire them in the first place?  It's true!  Wedding planners have contacts with other vendors in the wedding industry and develop great working relationships over time.  Your wedding planner may frequently take brides to "Florist A" and in doing so has helped "Florist A" to develop a thriving business.  "Florist A" is no doubt grateful and passes along a discount to the wedding planners client as a professional courtesy.  Just think if this is the case with your wedding planner and they have wonderful relationships with not only florist, but caterers and bakers alike!  The savings can really start to pile up and before long you have paid the wedding planner and gotten everything you wanted all while having someone else make all of your appointments and take care of the fine print!! 

Your wedding planner should pass along a few helpful tips to save you money in your wedding budget.  Tips like offering a signature drink instead of a full bar, comparison shop for your cake (get a pretty faux from the bakers displays and have sheet cakes hidden in the kitchen for serving!), select in season blooms for your bouquet and centerpieces and while you are at it, make those alter arrangements do double duty and place them on the buffet tables, use what you have…vases, boxes, cans..borrow vessels from friends and family.  Celebrate your ceremony and reception on an "off day".  Fridays and Sundays are almost always more economical solutions.  Using these tips, setting your priorities and hiring a professional planner will no doubt save you money on your wedding budget!  Happy Planning!!


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