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Pricing-Need a Quote from a Wedding Planner?
Nearly every call I receive from a bride begins with inquiries about price. I, like everyone out there, am also a consumer and can absolutely understand why this happens. But, finding a wedding planner isn't like selecting paper products of the shelf at the local box store. I would like to assist potential clients and all brides for that matter in understanding why giving a direct quote is virtually impossible.
Before any planner can give you a quote, there are certain tidbits of information we need. For starters, your ceremony date. We may not be available for your date which would make a price quote irrelevant. In this case though, let's say we are open on your date. We need to know what services you have already contracted and what services you are seeking assistance with. Are seeking a consultation to make sure you are on the right track with your DIY planning, or are you looking for full-service experience? These questions can be addressed during the initial phone conversation, and then followed up with the complementary consultation. Then, pricing and planning your customized experience begins.
This process may seem lengthy but it assures all that no detail is left unattended and let's face it, this is your wedding day, your moment to shine let's be sure it is done perfectly! You and your guests will remember this day always and you will want that memory to be a beautiful, personalized statement. As a planner, I am passionate about what I do-creating beautiful stress free experiences for discerning brides! Your wedding day is of utmost importance to me.
Not being able to get a price right off the bat does not mean that this is a luxury you can't afford. It means we are doing our homework to assist you in getting the services you desire and are in need of. In most instances, we, as planners can save you money by using our resources, knowledge and relationships with others in the event industry to obtain discounts and prevent costly mistakes.
It is my hope that this helps you to better understand and enjoy the process of finding the wedding planner or coordinator that will assist you in making your wedding day spectacular!.

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