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Friday Fashion: 1920’s Wedding Inspiration

With the popularity of Downton Abbey and the upcoming release of The Great Gatsby in May, the 20's are definitely roaring back!  Many are choosing this theme for their weddings and I couldn't be happier.  This bygone era exudes lavishness and fun~what better inspiration for a wedding?


Dropped waist gowns, beading in art deco patterns, long strands of pearls, what's not to love?  Ivories were much more popular in the 1920's than stark white and I find them more complimentary to everyone's skin tone.  Don't even get me started on the head wear!  Cloche hats, soft veils that "capped" the head, beaded bands in the hair, feathers~swoon!  Fashions really came of age during the 20's and many of our designs these days are still heavily influenced by them. 


The 1920's bride did not leave for the church without her accessories!  (I so could have enjoyed living back then!)  High heels, trend setting handbags, gloves and lots of pearls were a must!  Pumps from that era were not all that different from ours today (minus the platform).  Most were very feminine featuring lace detail and ribbon accents.  Handbags sparkled and glistened with beading and sequins.  Elaborate embroidery, fringe and tassels were all popular design elements as well.


Let's not forget about a little something for the groom!  The 1920's was a time when men truly dressed like men in my opinion.  Suits and ties, overcoats with hats and gloves~it's like lingerie for women! :)  Morning suits and tailcoats were the standard attire for grooms.  Top hats and gloves rounded out the groom's accessories on wedding day.


If you are looking for a fun and trendy theme for your wedding day, the 1920's is definitely one that will get your guests involved and having fun.  Don't forget the mustaches. feather boas and long cigarette holders for photo booth props!


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!


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